Monday, February 12, 2007


Before I went to New Jersey I decided to make a visit to Stash Yarns in Putney. I knew it wouldn't be a good idea, but I couldn't help myself. I indulged by buying two skeins of Koigu. More stash! I'm not sure what to do with them, they are too nice to wear on my feet. I am thinking of yet another scarf.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snow in London?

I haven't written an entry for ages. I took the children in my class on a school trip to Bournemouth, wow! Then Oli and I went to New Jersey and we brought the weather back with us! He has been interviewing for a job and I went to look around. We were able to spend the weekend in Manhattan with some friends. It was freezing and hence the snow followed us home.

I did manage to visit some great yarn stores in New Jersey and I even managed to pop into String Yarns in Manhattan. It was expensive and just seemed to sell cashmere yarns and a selection of Koigu. I did contemplate buying a skein of Koigu cashmere, but I couldn't think of what to make with just one skein at $50, so I left. Afterwards I thought I could have knitted a hat, but the yarn obviously did not inspire me particularly.

New Jersey was great for yarn stores and I bought a few things.

My first stop was in Teaneck in a shop called The Skein Attraction. It had a really big selection of yarns and I really enjoyed looking at everything. I was very restrained as I knew that I had other stores to investigate. I purchased some Addi turbo circular needles, a stitch counter and a chic lit novel called 'Knitting under the influence". I will let you know if it is any good when I have read it.

The next stop was at an even better store Stix and Stitches, in a town called Montclair. It is a pretty town and has lovely shops. I managed to buy a gorgeous top for myself as well as some yarn. The noro Kureyon, which I am going to make two squares for the Lizzard Ridge blanket. I will continue to make them but I didn't want to bring back a whole suitcase of the yarn, I can pick some more up as I go along. I also bought a skein of Sirino Tapestry yarn from The Great Adirondack Yarn Company. It is a 50% merino and 50% silk mix in a fingering weight. I have 675 yards of it and I think I am going to make a wrap with it. It is really soft and lovely, so I have to knit up a swatch asap. As it was my birthday last Tuesday my kids bought me a couple of knitting books, "Mason Dixon Knitting" and "Ripple Stitch Patterns" by Jan Eaton. It is this book that I am going to use to create a pattern for the wrap.