Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last blog of the year

Look! I have finally taken pictures of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan that was finished at beginning of December. I love it. It is very soft and easy to wear. I added a little on the length, which in retrospect I didn't need to do. The yarn is lighter than the felted tweed used for the original, therefore mine has some 'holes' where the cable pattern twists. It actually looks fine in real life and I am hoping with washing and the yarn softening up they will close over time. I have had some compliments when wearing it, so I am happy.

I have been so busy doing I don't know what! The kids are off school and we have spent a load in the sales, having put off buying anything for the house for over three years. It has finally caught up with us and we have been spending like mad.

I even bought some Noro Cash Iroha in black in the John Lewis sales, it was half price and I couldn't resist. I am still not sure whether to take it back or keep it in my stash, which I am trying to reduce!

I am working my way through the cardigan for Oli, using some Knit Picks yarn. It is based on an Elizabeth Zimmerman saddle shouldered sweater and I am knitting it in the round. I am going to steek it which is quite a scary thought. I will keep you posted. I have also started making squares for the Lizard Ridge blanket from I love the Kureyon and need to keep adding more skeins as I go along.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tangled Yoke Cardigan

Wow! Haven't posted for over a month, but I have managed to complete both sleeves and the yoke on the cardigan and am now in the home straight. I have to finish the collar ribbing and am awaiting the arrival of a size 0 needle to pick up the stitches for the three needle bind off. I have even sewn up the tank top that I made for Gad using some Noro Blossom I had in my stash. I really want to use up my stash, but I have sock yarn I don't know what to do with as I think that it is too nice to use for socks! I can't take any picture at the moment because I need to replace the batteries in the camera.

I took a last minute trip to Boston last month and did buy a little to add to the stash, obviously more sock yarn that is too nice to make into socks! It is Mountain Colors Barefoot and is gorgeous. Any suggestions of what to make will be gratefully received. Not much else on the needles, although I need to start the cardigan that I promised Oli as I was able to pick up the yarn I ordered for it when I visited Boston. I bought it from Knitpicks and it was so reasonable. I also got my Harmony interchangeable needles which are great, but one of the needle connections on a number 4 needle is faulty. I am hoping that they will be able to send me a replacement.

Oli is off to New York next week and I am wondering if he will have time to stop by String and buy me a skein or two of something interesting. It is Chanukah this week after all and I only need a little skein of something to make me smile!