Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Too many excuses

I can't believe that it is mid March already and this is my first post of 2008. I have been knitting, but not able to take any photos as the digital camera has broken. We need to buy a new one which I hope Oli will do when he travels to Boston at the beginning of April. Until then I will have to blog without pictures.
I have started a cardigan for Oli, using Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system and knitting it in the round. I am trying to practice steeking so that when I start knitting Autumn Rose I will be an old hand at it! I bought all the yarn for Autumn Rose so I am really excited about starting it, but need to find a long stretch of quiet time so that I can concentrate. That might not happen for a while.
I have also been knitting baby gifts, but I am not sure whether to continue. I made a really cute hat for a new baby, which was an ok size. If the newborn has a small head it would keep for six months. I didn't get much of a thank you, just that it was too big! I love making gifts, but they are time consuming and if they aren't appreciated then I don't think that I will bother. I was surprised as I thought that this friend would like that fact that it was hand made. Anyway, I feel better now that I have that off my chest!
I have also made 7 squares for the Lizard Ridge afghan. I am really pleased with how they have turned out and now have to continue to collect more colours of Kureyon to complete the blanket.