Monday, August 13, 2007

We're back from Italy and I am slowly beginning to feel calmer about the whole experience. It was an interesting trip in many ways and the kids really had a great time. Arriving there was good as the weather was perfect, bordering on the too hot, but very bearable. We swam, read, played and generally had a relaxing time. I am not sure where it all went wrong for me. Perhaps staying with my in-laws was not a good idea, but I could hardly pitch up in Tuscany and stay down the road when they have tons of room. Anyway I had organised to meet up with a friend in Florence for a couple of days in the middle, anticipating that things might get a little tense between us. However, this also came at a cost because I had asked them to look after the children whilst I was gone. I think that they might have felt that this was a bit of a liberty.

Florence was lovely. I met my friend Mel and we wandered through piazzas and streets taking in the architecture and shops. Need I say more! On the knitting front we did well. Went to Campolmi Roberto Filati and Mel found some great yarn that is very similar to Colinettte Point Five. She bought 300 grams for 9.60 Euros. We felt that this was a real bargain. I indulged and purchased some gorgeous pale blue sportweight cashmere. I really splurged and bought enough for a sweater. It cost me around the same as buying enough Debbie Bliss or Rowan yarn for a sweater. I now have to decide what I am going to make with it. I love this yarn store because it has a wide choice, its very reasonably priced and you can buy yarn off the cone. We also went to Beatrice Galli but found that the woman in the shop was very unfriendly. She asked us not to touch the yarn. How can you buy yarn without fondling it first? The food was great, we found a fantastic restaurant in the Piazza Santo Spirit, You have to book a table in the evening if you want to sit outside. It is not too expensive and the food is good.

Mel left after two days and I met Oli who arrived for the weekend. He had to take a teleconference call before we boarded the bus up to Radda, so we spent the afternoon wandering in the Boboli Gardens. It really is a beautiful place and I visited the costume gallery whilst Oli was working. A great place to while away some time.