Monday, November 24, 2008

Autumn Rose

I have finally started my autumn rose sweater, experimenting by starting with a sleeve. I am really enjoying the challenge, but finding it tricky to decide whether I should be cutting the yarn at the end of each colour section, or carrying them up. It is difficult to carry when knitting in the round as it all gets really tangled. If I cut the yarn and then rejoin the colours each time they are needed in a new section, I seem to get a small gap next to the join, even if I twist the yarns in. Then there is the problem of weaving in all the ends!

The sleeve is almost finished, but I am debating whether to make it full length instead of the three quarter length the pattern has. 

I have some other knitting on the go, but just the boring scarf stuff and not much else. I will have to take some pictures for the next post.